The result of the Club Singles 23/09/2018

Cat (1)
(1) Nicky Cleere (6) 39 pts
(2) Johnny Maher (6) 36pts (CB)
(3) Larry Comerford (11) 36pts

Cat (2)
(1) Paddy Hogan (13) 41pts
(2) Alan Dawson (18) 37pts
(3) Ger Sheehan (16) 36pts (CB)

Wednesday’s Nine Hole Result 19th of September
Front Nine Cat (1) Declan Davis (12) 21pts Cat (2) Aisling Costelloe (15) 22pts
Back Nine Cat (1) No Winner Cat (2) Joe Conroy (22) 20pts

The result of the Club 3 Person Team Comp 30/09/2018

(1) Niall Walsh(15), Eoin Walsh(18) and JJ Lennon(16) 58pts

(2) JJ Ryan(13), Donal Murphy(12) and John Colgan(17) 57pts

Wednesday’s Nine Hole Result 26th of September
Front Nine Cat (1) Jim Wynne (11) 22pts Cat (2) Gerry Doyle (13) 22pts
Back Nine Cat (1) Jim Walsh (11) 18pts Cat (2) Mick Walsh (14) 20pts


The last Monthly Medal of the year is this weekend. The Golfer of the Year is a 2-horse race between the current leader Johnny Maher and Shane Timmons in second place. Best of luck lads.

Course Work
A topical rule this month as we have had some new drainage work done on the fairways in recent weeks.
How do you proceed if you are standing on a drainage ditch or your ball comes to rest on a drainage ditch?
Drainage ditches are to be classed as immovable obstructions and Rule 24-2 applies.

Rule 24-2
Except when the ball is in a water hazard or a lateral water hazard, a player may take relief from interference by an immovable obstruction as follows:

Through the Green:
If the ball lies through the green, the player must lift the ball and drop it, without penalty, within one club-length of and not nearer the hole than the nearest point of relief. The nearest point of relief must not be in a hazard or on a putting green. When the ball is dropped within one club-length of the nearest point of relief, the ball must first strike a part of the course at a spot that avoids interference by the immovable obstruction and is not in a hazard and not on a putting green