1st Noel Kenny & Mick McKillen 52pts
2nd Patrick O’Neill & Brian Lannon 51pts
3rd Alan Dawson & Brian Doherty 50 pts (CB)

Wednesday’s Nine Hole Result 22nd of August
Front Nine Cat (1) Chris O’Grady (8) 23pts Cat (2) Tom Dack (22) 25pts
Back Nine Cat (1) Joe Byrne (11) 22pts Cat (2) Jimmy Townsend (21) 21pts

Wednesday’s Nine Hole Result 29th of August
Front Nine Cat (1) Joe Byrne (11 21pts Cat (2) Pat Staunton (16) 23pts
Back Nine Cat (1) Sean Malone (8) 21pts Cat (2) Michael Dillon (13) 22pts

The Nine hole is this evening Tuesday the 4th of September
This Sunday we have the Junior and Senior Cups