The winter season is well and truly under way with great numbers enjoying the 11 hole competitions.  There have been some great scores to date and just a reminder to everyone that for winter golf the following applies:

No signing into the computer – just put your name in the book, your money in the envelope, do your card as normal and when you come back in simply put your card in the score box.

Your official ILGU handicap does not get amended from play during the 11 and 9 hole competitions but we do have an in-club winter handicap rule as follows:

  • For 11 hole competitions if the score is greater than 18 points the winner’s handicap is deducted 2 points, second place gets 1 point deducted.
  • For 9 hole competitions if the score is greater than 16 points the winner’s handicap is deducted 2 points, second place gets 1 point deducted. For less than 16 points first gets 1 point deducted and second gets .5 deducted.
  • For 11 holes with less than 18 points first is deducted 1 shot and second place gets .5 deducted.
  • The winter handicap sheet is on the notice board so if you have come first or second in the competitions check what you are playing off before you go out in the weekly competition.
Check the book for rules regarding placing – there will be placing everywhere, or placing on the fairway with lift, clean & drop in the rough, or simply placing on the fairway. Generally for the 11 & 9 holes there will be placing everywhere but it is best to check before you go out to play.
Tee times – the morning draw is done at 9.45 for a 10am tee off time. Members are kindly requested to please make sure they are in the locker room for the draw at 9.45 – you then have 15 minutes to get your gear ready if you are running a little late. If you want to be in the draw but will be arriving later than 9.45 (but not after 10am) then please ring the golf shop and ask them to advise the ladies in the locker room to put your name in for the draw – you must not arrive after 10am however.
The afternoon draw takes place at 1.15 for tee off at 1.30 – members are asked to please try to attend on time and play within the draw times – on time means in the locker room at 1.15!
The Winter League is commencing on the week of the 27th of November – teams of five but just the two best scores to count. The results will be updated weekly on the notice board – no doubt the competition will be as fierce as always!!